Gable House Goodes


In addition to postage the shipping charges include the charge to supplies needed to safely ship your items Since most of my products are breakable glass or porous material , much of the packages require ample protective shipping supplies. 

Damaged items in Shipments ~ If your item is damaged upon arrival, the purchaser with the damaged package is required to file a claim with the shipping company  i will be very happy to help you should you need any further information.

Just message me [email protected]

Every item on my site is offered by order only My standard creative time is 2 weeks...some more elaborate works such as my Wallpaper Boxes can take up to 3-4 weeks to process 

In general i  do not accept returns. BUT in extenuating circumstances i may accept a return. in these cases a 20% restocking fee is subtracted from the purchase price once the returned item is received.

Shipping and Handling is nonrefundable