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In addition to postage the shipping charges include the charge to supplies needed to safely ship your items Since most of my products are breakable glass or porous material , much of the packages require ample protective shipping supplies. In some cases i will refund overages that are excessive.

Damaged items in Shipments ~Sometimes, the stars don’t quite align in our favor. Not to worry! This sort of thing happens to the best of us. If your item is damaged and you would like a replacement  i will be very happy to help you,

Just message me @Maxel@rochester.rr.com

Every item on my site is offered by order only My standard creative time is 2 weeks...some more elaborate works can take up to 3 weeks in turnaround time.

In general i  do not accept returns. BUT in extenuating circumstances i may accept a return. in these cases a 20% restocking fee is subtracted from the purchase price once the returned item is received.

Shipping and Handling is nonrefundable