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News for my Customers

News for my Customers

$0.01 — Coming soon

The manufacturing issues are now more prevalent than they were just a few months ago
I need to order supplies well in advance to assure that I have them on hand to create all the seasonal products that so many enjoy from Gable House Goodes When I list an item it is “For Order” the supplies needed to create that item have been reserved so when the Item is marked “Sold Out” that means that I do not have the supplies to create more of the item at that time
ALSO it is a fact that the inflation of supply prices has just begun…ordering in advance will save you money My prices may begin to reflect the inflation of supply costs in the future . I LOVE my customers ,but I am sorry to report If there is a question to the length in time an order takes I will refund your purchase and cancel that order for you upon request, but please note a repurchase from GHG will not be allowed
WHOLESALE is no longer offered ~ Future products will only be offered on this website or via my seasonal gatherings at my new facility.